Home Renovations: Nature’s Your Designer with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Bathroom Floor to Ceiling WindowsEver wonder why some truly beautiful homes seem to have the best interior décor without having to go overboard? Often, the simplest concept seems to deliver the best effect. A great feature to take advantage of when contemplating home renovations is the inclusion of floor-to-ceiling windows in the overall design.

Not a super new architectural trend, floor-to-ceiling windows have been used effectively in home design since the Bauhaus movement in the 1930s. Introducing glass in place of traditional walls became the answer for designers and builders wanting to produce a fresh, bold definition of space, flooding rooms with light and uninterrupted views.

Let Home Renovations Bring You Lots of Light

An expanse of floor-to-ceiling windows in any part of the home allows you to take advantage of as much natural light as possible, from dawn to dusk. Attractive natural features beyond the structural boundaries of the house itself inspire and merge beautifully with every aspect of its indoor décor, from trees and garden plants to rocky outcrops and flowing water.

Evenings allow for adjustable lighting in just the right places on both sides of the glass. Imagine dramatic reflections seen from your home’s interior created by perfectly integrated lighting fixtures or the glow of a fireplace. Situate lighting outside for unobstructed views of dramatically or subtly illuminated areas, such as garden sculpture displays or the tempting turquoise of the swimming pool.

Expansive Windows Engage Nature in Interior Design

Kitchen Floor to Ceiling WindowsFloor-to-ceiling windows work wonders on any level, not just the main floor.

If your home renovations involve an upstairs addition or complete upper floor revamp, consider large areas of glass as a terrific way to enjoy all aspects of your beautifully landscaped surroundings or ocean view from above.

Whether or not your home renovations will increase the actual square footage of your home, remember that floor-to-ceiling windows will automatically create and increase the illusion of space, as your eye travels easily from well-lit indoor areas to the landscape and unimpeded vistas beyond.

Importance of Planning Ahead for Best Home Renovations

Obviously, the addition of floor-to-ceiling windows is a major component of any renovated space and shouldn’t be done on a whim partway through a project. Plan well before any physical home renovations actually begin, so you know what to expect from this kind of feature. Make sure that any new window positioning maximizes both the form and function of your home to good effect, inside and out.

Here on the temperate west coast, we don’t usually experience drastic temperature swings, but a room with a large area of glass, particularly south- or west-facing, can to some extent be prone to such changes. If you are concerned about this, don’t hesitate to ask your renovation specialist about energy efficiency features, such as low E glass or tri-pane windows.

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Doug Kerr - the owner of Kerr ConstructionDoug Kerr is the owner of Kerr Construction in Vancouver. With over 25 years of experience in the renovation and new home construction business, he has developed the Kerr System for designing and building. With this Design/Build system he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their dream homes while also winning multiple national and provincial building and renovations awards. Being a former world-class athlete…” Read more.

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