Today’s Luxury Custom Homes Don’t Sacrifice Sustainability

Thinking about Luxury Custom HomesIf you’re ready to build your new custom home and are leaning towards luxury custom homes, you’re in for an exciting time. Once you’ve found just the right property, a stone’s throw from your favourite golf course or boasting a stunning vista of the ocean and nearby mountains that bring that extra beauty to Vancouver, the real pleasures of planning can begin.

The successful design and construction of today’s best luxury custom homes require an experienced professional who conducts a team of innovative designers and dedicated craftsmen. This elite category of builders encompasses those who make the effort to stay on top of current, positive developments that go beyond the traditional. The end results of their luxury custom home projects are nothing short of visionary in their esthetic and functional scope.

Many are Opting for Sustainable Luxury Custom Homes

A highly worthwhile trend that has been influencing the design and creation of many contemporary luxury custom homes is the notion of sustainability. We often hear the buzz word, but with good reason: sustainability isn’t just a meaningless or empty concept.

Sustainable Luxury Custom HomesGreen technologies continue to spring up everywhere, and allow for more flexibility and options than ever before. Home building is certainly no exception. If you think that luxury and sustainability can’t go hand in hand, you may be surprised. Talk to your custom home builder about some of the innovations that can be explored to make your beautiful new home not only a joy to live in, but easier on the environment, as well.
Fortunately, the residential construction industry is ever expanding the possibilities for designing and building more sustainable luxury custom homes. Green housing options can incorporate anything from extra energy-efficient luxury custom homes to deeply sustainable houses that are built entirely of natural materials and obtain their energy from renewable sources. There are endless possibilities along the spectrum that don’t mean sacrificing luxury in your dream home.

Some building materials can be hazardous, off-gassing and emitting dust from deteriorating or toxic materials. Aware of the significant health concerns this poses, responsible custom home building companies are listening, often striving to use organic, environmentally sustainable materials. Geothermal heating and other energy-saving technologies and building techniques are becoming more commonplace than ever before. Even some furniture designers and manufacturers are using paints and stain that release little to no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air and are far less toxic than regular finishes.

Luxury Custom Homes Can Set an Example

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is often considered the gold standard for “green” building, and more builders of luxury custom homes are now admirably paying close attention to guidelines such as this.

Sustainability is about the responsible use of resources and creating something of high quality that will endure. More home building companies are investigating safer, environmentally sustainable options when sourcing their materials. Many luxury property owners are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint. Sustainable technology consumes less energy in the long run, and makes your luxury custom home a laudable example of what can be achieved and aspired to by future generations.

Doug Kerr - the owner of Kerr ConstructionDoug Kerr is the owner of Kerr Construction in Vancouver. With over 25 years of experience in the renovation and new home construction business, he has developed the Kerr System for designing and building. With this Design/Build system he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their dream homes while also winning multiple national and provincial building and renovations awards. Being a former world-class athlete…” Read more.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Kerr Construction.


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