Great Tips from an Interior Designer to Get Ready For Spring

Spring is around the corner! It’s time to consider new projects.home designer spring projects

Tips from an Interior Designer

Spring is a time when we head outside, dust off our patios, clean windows and maybe spruce up our interiors and exteriors with an injection of colour or tackling that long postponed project. We have been hibernating, and if I speak for myself, am feeling like my surroundings are stale and I’m bored with them!

It’s time to inject life back into our space, by purging clutter and developing design projects you have put off through the long cold winter. So where do we start?

Outside Projects

A few easy to tackle exterior spring projects are:

    • Re-paint front door
    • Update planters
    • Add lighting around front door for style and function

  • Purchase a new front door mat
  • Mailbox upgrade

For larger exterior projects take a look at your overall façade:

  • Is the colour scheme working, or could it use an overhaul?
  • Does your roof need to be replaced? Schedule a roof inspection, and check this off your ‘worry list’.
  • Work with a designer to map out a new more stylish and functional deck that can accommodate lounging, dining and BBQ’ing space.
  • Do you have tired shutters that need to be painted or maybe replaced?

window shutter design tipTip: Check your shutter sizes according to your window size. Shutters are meant to look like they can actually close and cover the whole window, so if you have ‘teeny tiny’ shutters please consider purchasing larger ones or maybe removing them altogether.

Inside Projects

The easy to tackle interior spring projects are:

  • Divide and conquer! Move through your home, room by room and de-clutter. This is so satisfying, trust me. Make piles of items to throw away, donate or give away then move remaining items back into the space in an organized way.
  • Wait! Clean the area well first and now you can check that off your list!
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint throughout your home. Schedule a colour consultation with an interior designer to select a colour palette that bests suits your space and lifestyle. This is an inexpensive update with major impact.
  • Move your furniture around a bit, try something new. You will be surprised what you can find by shopping within your own space, and swapping out furniture and accessories. This will give you a fresh start to spring! Hire an interior designer for a 2-3 hour consultation and they will ensure you make the most effective decisions.

Larger scale projects:

    • You have been dreaming a long while of a new and more functional kitchen, well now is the time. Compile a folder of all your inspiration photos and fixtures you have been lusting over and call an interior designer. Let’s get the ball rolling!
    • Your family is growing and you are running out of space. You love the neighborhood so don’t want to move. There are a few potential solutions here:
      —Take back your basement! Is if full of clutter? Well clean it up and carve out a bedroom. This bedroom will need to have a window to the exterior that is also large enough for egress (i.e. in the event of fire, there is an escape route).
      Add an addition to your home. This addition can either be built onto the current footprint of your house, or you may be able to add a second storey.
    • Talk to your design + build contractor about city restrictions, square footage allowances and set-backs and see if this is a possibility for your space.

I love spring and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So let’s focus on what we want and need to get done around the house and start planning! Call a designer today!

Nisha MacNeil is the lead custom home designer at Kerr Construction, award winning renovation company and custom home builder in Vancouver.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Kerr Construction.

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