Seven Things to Expect With Your Home Remodel

couple preparing for renovationFlipping through magazines, browsing the internet and watching TV shows can give some amazing, inspirational home renovation ideas. What they don’t show is the process you and your home will go through. Wouldn’t it be nice to be told the truth about what to expect when renovating a house?

A balanced, honest set of expectations is essential. Not all doom, gloom and fear. Not all sunshine and rainbows. Just the truth.

Well, here it is.

It Will Look Great… IF You Use Proper Professionals

We’ve all heard nightmare stories of home renovations. Do you know what the cause is in every single case? There are two: (1) choosing the wrong construction people and (2) contractors who forget that they exist to serve YOU.

Choose an unknown quantity and expect problems.

If you choose an established and trusted company that puts you and your needs first, you can expect your home renovation to look sensational when it’s finished. There’s no such thing as a guarantee that everything will go without a hitch along the way, but your contractors should take full responsibility, look after you, and do a magnificent job.

Dust and Mess

preventing dust during renovationBig or small, a renovation involves mess and dust, especially during demolition. It is temporary. Keep your eye on the goal.

It’s amazing how dust can travel to almost any room during renovation. Fortunately, good renovators know what to do to shield areas of your home from most of it. Even so, expect to be dusting more often during the process. It’s not for long.

Demolition, new supplies and cutting will create mess. There’s no getting around it. But a good renovation service will communicate with you about how they will do things and agree with you about where to place supplies and cut/paint moldings, baseboards, flooring, etc.


renovation-noisesThe home renovation TV shows never convey how loud a remodel can get. Nail guns, drills, saws, hammering, sledge hammering, workers in heavy boots and calling to each other… If there were a way we could make it silent, believe me, we’d do it. But noise is unavoidable.

A good idea is to set aside a “safe haven” where you can retreat for a few moments of peace.

Again, it’s not forever. Keep your eye on the prize. You can’t eliminate the noise, but you can talk to your contractors about timing so you know what to expect and can make plans to be out during the noisiest stuff.

Reduced Privacy

The construction team is there for long hours and the project manager needs to speak with you often. It’s for the benefit of your home and it’s not like people will be barging in on you all day long. Like we said before, have a retreat for yourself.

Sometimes Electricity or Plumbing Will Be Off

Rewiring and  new plumbing are all part of a home renovation. These inconveniences will be short. The team needs power and water themselves. Furthermore, they shouldn’t do anything without your agreement.

Unexpected Things Mean It Takes a Little Longer

Every home renovation team does its best to give a clear timeline for the project. But nobody has a crystal ball and cannot anticipate everything once they open it all up. In older houses, sometimes they find mold, asbestos, poor wiring, old flooring, previous renovation attempts,  plumbing issues, and much more.

Sometimes supplies can be delayed or not available. Other times, custom design work takes a little longer than planned.

Delays and surprises are what to expect in any home renovation. If you expect them, it’s always a shot in the arm when some things go easily.

Budget Concerns

If your contractor has done a thorough job of designing and specifying your project, it should stay within about 5-10 % of the initial budget. Sometimes the unexpected does occur and costs can go up. But if the project has been properly planned out in the first place, cost increases should be minimal. Usually when they do go up more than 5-10%, either the job wasn’t well planned or the homeowner wants changes or additional work done.

Honesty is always a good thing, especially when it comes to what to expect during your home renovation. Get honest, experienced contractors and you’ll have fewer issues and more joy.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Kerr Construction and a clickable link back to this page.

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