Staircase Designs – Traditional, Modern, Elegant and Practical

staircase design vancouverFor as long as people have lived inside four walls and under a roof, they have striven to make their homes extensions of themselves. When houses went from single story to multi, they didn’t just gain more space. They gained another way for homeowners to show off their taste, style and personality: the staircase. Staircases the world over have long been so much more than just a way of getting from floor to floor.

Whether you are home often and want the perfect environment for you and your family, or you like to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, the design and finishing of your staircase makes a big difference, even statement. Consider your staircase design with as much care as renovating your bathroom.

Traditional – Classy, Clean and Can Have Modern Touches

If your home is limited to a straight staircase with right angles, traditional still looks great. You may not be able to change the staircase design, but you can add great options and finishing touches. How about leaving it “open” with the stairs being simple cross pieces fixed to the stringers and air between the steps? It will open the area beneath. Or how about instead of a traditional banister you add a glass wall? The simplest idea is to change the surfacing of your staircase – from carpet to hardwood, for example. Talk to your renovation experts’ conceptual design team about how to make the most of any landings your staircase has.

Make a Space Feel Larger

St. Petersburg Russia - December 16 2011: Bronze jockey on a horse in the interior of the living room in two-storey apartments near the glass staircase.We already touched on that above with the “open” stairs concept. There are other options like lower profile banisters and railings. Vertical railings can really open up a space. Experiment with white or black to see which makes your area feel larger. Visual “sleight of hand” from your designers can do all kinds of things to make a room feel larger using the same size staircase.


Sometimes a home just needs classic elegance. A sweeping staircase of marble or polished hardwood evokes Gone With The Wind grandeur and provides glorious photo opportunities. Or a grand, double staircase – either two staircases around the walls to meet in the middle or a single that rises up the centre and then splits – leading to an expansive landing. Make the statement complete with perfect lighting added above the staircase and even incorporated into each step.


staircase designThe spiral will leave much of the floor space untouched on both floors and is great for smaller homes or for when a regular staircase takes up too much room. Meanwhile, the spiral design of staircase is always soft, pleasing and interesting to the eye. You can even renovate and redesign to increase your floor space by removing the old stairs and installing a spiral staircase in a corner.

No Longer Dead Space

In many homes, the area under the stairs is wasted, even enclosed. Look under there and you’ll see a lot of space for you to get creative. Custom bookshelves look wonderful underneath a staircase or recessed into the wall along the stairs. Have a custom designed storage unit of cupboards, shelves and drawers included. For the bibliophiles, try putting in a cozy reading nook with a built in couch and lighting. Or just a children’s play area or a simple utility closet.

Unique and Modern

Prefer a funkier staircase design? Want some updating? Mix together materials – woods, glass, metal and carpet. Glass steps look amazing. Sharp, clean lines and a minimalistic approach always look good. Instead of traditional railings, try cables and thin rods.

It’s impossible to go into every staircase design idea in a short blog. But you can get Vancouver’s best design build team on the phone, arrange a meeting, discuss as many ideas as you like, and have a free no obligation estimate.

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