Ten Tips for Family-Friendly Home Renovations

You’ve been scouring the real estate market for that one special home that says it’s just right for you and your brood. You’ve got your wish list, but nothing measures up. The solution? It’s time for some savvy home renovations!

Family-Friendly Home Renovations: Let There be Space—Lots of It

home renovationsIt’s a no-brainer. Young, active family members like to move and need some safe space to spread out. Just because you have kids, from toddlers to teens or any age in between, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a stylish home design, even one with a little drama. Family-friendly home designs aren’t only alluring because you’ve gone beyond couple to clan status, they are also great spaces to enjoy entertaining groups of all sizes. Let’s face it: you can always expect lots of activity and gatherings in your home, so why not make it comfortable and accommodating?

Whether or not you’re considering an open floor plan, let’s first have a look at some of the most important overall considerations for a family-friendly home.

Planning the Family-Friendly Necessities, Big and Small

  1. Bed & bath – Don’t scrimp. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms should be the minimum. Depending on the size of your family, you may need more, and/or wish to incorporate a guest room into the overall plan.
  2. Storage space – Not glamorous, but handy, and as anyone who has kids knows, a definite necessity. Talk to your home renovations contractor about some ingenious ways to incorporate more storage, such as tucked under the stairs, for example.
  3. Mudder & Fadder – Will both love the mud room. If it seems like a more traditional concept, it is. And it’s still popular because it works. When coming in from outside, keep the muss to a minimum and kick off shoes or muddy boots and hang dripping jackets and umbrellas. Consider a large double stainless sink for this area, as well, handy for things like bathing pooch.
  4. Time for teens – Little kids don’t care so much about being alone with their friends, but if your teenager likes to hang out watching movies or playing music and video games with pals, it’s a worthwhile idea to have some segregated space for older kids to hang out.
  5. Be open about your kitchen – This is one room where a more open plan makes sense, especially one that overlooks the main eating and play areas, so you can keep an eye on things while prepping the family meals.
  6. Pantry perfection – Plan for a pantry large enough to handle the quantities from bulk shopping, one that lets you walk in and see all the contents at a glance.
  7. Get crafty – It doesn’t have to be super large, but a dedicated space for family-oriented arts and craft activities or playing some board games together can make a difference. It also helps to unglue everyone’s faces from the TV screen once in a while.
  8. Let there be laundry – And there will be, by the hamper load. A spacious, well-lit and conveniently located laundry area, complete with built-in ironing board and a sizeable folding counter will seem like a dream come true.
  9. home renovationsSit ye down in the master – Can’t hurt for the big people to have some quiet space to curl up with an e-reader and think their thoughts. Make sure there is ample space included in your master bedroom for some comfy seating and an ottoman or two. Create an oasis.
  10. Good garage = internal access – As well as vehicles, a well-designed garage is great for storing things like bikes and hockey equipment. Having it adjoin the house, rather than freestanding, makes it much easier to load and unload the car, especially during inclement weather.

Sure, there are a lot of boxes to tick and things to consider, especially when growing children are involved. Whether it’s accident-proofing the place or making sure that all the design elements work to your advantage, it pays to plan ahead and plan well. Consult with your home renovations specialist today and make it happen!

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Kerr Construction.
Doug Kerr - the owner of Kerr ConstructionDoug Kerr is the owner of Kerr Construction in Vancouver. With over 25 years of experience in the renovation and new home construction business, he has developed the Kerr System for designing and building. With this Design/Build system he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their dream homes while also winning multiple national and provincial building and renovations awards. Being a former world-class athlete…” Read more.


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