Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design Means Planning a Home to Perfection in 3D

conceptual designThe conceptual design of a new home or renovation is the fun stage, where imaginations flow and dreams are made.

When contacting a custom home builder to start from square one, or to help bring about a significant change to an existing layout, most people don’t have a clear idea of exactly what they need or what the budget will be.

“The finished product was totally up to our expectations. I have seen other Kerr projects and all have been very well executed”


Keeping it Real

As highly experienced custom home builders and specialists in home renovations, we know the value of discussing all of the ideas on the road to making them real.

3D conceptual design for new home - photo

We pride ourselves on taking the time to ask plenty of questions so that we can prioritize the important issues. This discussion helps us understand your needs and clarifies how you picture your new living space; how it should fit together, both the functional and the aesthetic.

  • What is the size of your family?
  • What should your living space do for you?
  • How long do you expect to stay in the house?
  • Is your budget realistic?
  • What are the priorities?

We ask these kinds of questions and many more, to help us zero in on precisely what is best suited to your particular requirements and preferences.

Each Conceptual Design Comes With a Budget

Our process in the conceptual design stage of building or renovating a home is to help people discover what is really important to them, prioritizing needs and assisting with an appropriate budget. Part of this process is to ensure that you don’t have to spend a lot on re-designing – doing a conceptual design gets everyone on the right track immediately, working together towards the goal.

Picture Perfect Home Designs

Once we all have a clear idea of what is needed and wanted, our award-winning home designers go to work to do their magic, creating preliminary floor plans, drawings and, in some cases, 3D models. Your heart will beat a little faster with the excitement of seeing your original ideas start to take shape.

photo of 3D conceptual design for home

“We are quite impressed with his high-quality workmanship, personal integrity, reliability and honesty.
It has been a joy to deal with Kerr Construction”

Imagination is great, but it can be challenging to properly plan and budget for the high-quality product of a new custom home or major renovation when you’re not sure what it’s going to look like in the end.

Let’s face it: anything that helps to make the vision appear real is completely worth it. Technology to the rescue.

3D Modeling

The latest in 3D modelling has come a tremendously long way, and with impressive results. It has the power to pick up where the limits of the imagination leave off, to provide amazing renderings of your planned project, right down to the stunning details.

3D conceptual design for home, showing bathroom

Our talented in-house home designers utilize up-to-date high tech programs that do a realistic job in portraying the final overall look, including the myriad components and features.

And, of course, along with the various conceptual building images will be updated budgets, so that you are in control of costs right from the beginning of the process.

Seeing is Knowing in Home Design

No matter what project you’re thinking of embarking on, we can show you specific 3D modelling for any room or elevation, inside or out, that solves the problem of not being able to visualize it.

This is a fantastic and effortless way for you and your family to see, not only the overall space, proportion and style of your project but also admire the effects of the finer details, such as window styles and sizes, paint colours and cabinet layouts; plus beautiful flooring and many additional kinds of finishing options.

Our conceptual 3D designs are very realistic. These renderings allow the homeowner to visualize the finished room(s) from many angles and to see how the various finishing options work together in the whole layout. This innovative state-of-the-art rendering of the finished product grants the ability to make changes BEFORE the build. This saves money and time, as well as giving the owner precisely what they want for a stress-free building process.

conceptual design-1conceptual design-2conceptual design-3conceptual design-4conceptual design-5conceptual design-6conceptual design-7conceptual design - 8conceptual design-9

Kerr Construction will make your dream home materialize before your eyes.

For Best Results Rely on a Leading Edge, Highly Experienced Home Builder

Kerr Construction is a truly contemporary custom home builder and renovator. We are on the leading edge of 3D modelling and conceptual rendering of new home designs and renovation projects. Tell us what you’re imagining, and we’ll create the picture.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.


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