Design Build

Design Build

Kerr Construction proudly utilizes the Design-Build system to ensure the best experience for YOU. With design-build, YOU have a single, accountable point of reference and contact throughout the entire construction or renovation process.

No fuss.
No confusion with multiple tradespeople.
No demands thrown at you from all angles.

Just clarity, simplicity, service, communication, availability, transparency and accountability.

Kerr offers you Vancouver’s best home construction experience.

Benefits of Working With an Award-Winning Design-Build Contractor

Bathroom Renovation - Design and BuildOne contact point.

  • If you have a question, ask your Kerr Construction project coordinator. That’s it. So simple. No need for you to call any trades, sub-trades or other contractors yourself. Your project coordinator will handle everything for you and keep you fully informed. We mean everything: design, procurement, construction, trades, scheduling, budgeting and finance, permits, you name it.

Design build is the fastest and most efficient system.

  • From concept drawings to completion, design build gets it done more effectively. Instead of having a designer on one team and a contractor on another, every part of the home construction or renovation job is done by the one team. Kerr’s construction team works directly with the designers from day one to ensure your vision is realized. No need to procure multiple contractors and wait ages for them to coordinate together. No need to deal with the unnecessary delays caused by the (lack of) coordination that comes from having multiple companies involved. No passing blame, either.

Beautiful designs and realistic expectations within your budget.

  • Even in the design phase, you should expect cost estimates that are as accurate as possible. A standalone designer may not have up-to-date knowledge of costs. Or the designer’s figures may differ from a standalone construction firm’s. A design-build team is one team with all the information and always working together to your requirements and budget.

Whole Home Renovation - Design and BuildSmooth, flowing process backed up experience and everything written down.

  • It starts with an open-ended discussion where the Kerr team listens to your needs, ideas and tastes. From there, our 25 years of experience go to work with designs and concept drawings, more discussions with you, permits, project planning, and every aspect through to completion. We leave no stone unturned, right down to the last screw and final nail.

    Many contractors can offer breezy reassurances, only to let you down. We tell you the truth and we write everything down – estimates, timelines, plans, permits, supplies, warranties, everything.

Peace of mind. Only the best can offer design-build. 

  • Years of success, experience and competence enable a company to offer design-build services. Any contractor can outsource the majority of jobs and then claim no responsibility when things don’t go as planned. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home construction and renovation project is in the best hands all the way through.

Referrals: What Our Clients Say

We Welcome Your Questions at Every Stage

video testimonialCommunication is everything. It’s YOUR home. The Kerr team always places you and your needs first. Ask us anything at any stage of the project. You will have many opportunities because our project coordinator will be your best friend, checking in with you and listening.

We build for YOU. That is what design-build is all about. It is this idea, combined with our Kerr system and experience, that has ensured our clients’ satisfaction and allowed us to make a normally stressful process fast, efficient and most importantly, worthwhile.


Some Testimonials from Our Past Clients

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I appreciate the fine workmanship that Kerr provided on my home.

C. B., Vancouver


Our Projects Run Smoothly,
On Budget and On Schedule

We know that keeping projects on budget and on
schedule makes a successful home renovation or
new building construction



Detailed Planning,
Skilled Workmanship

At Kerr we think through all the little details
and how things will function, like which way doors
will swing on the cabinets or the fridge



The Homeowner is
Part of the Process

This puts the homeowner in control
and is the best way to make sure they
are getting the most value out of their project