Home Renovation Feasibility

Home Renovation Feasibility

Home Renovation Feasibility Study Means No Surprises at City Hall

The 1st step is – can it be done? From the very beginning, we thoroughly check city zoning and building by-laws to determine with certainty that all necessary permits will be issued in order to complete exactly what you envision. The 2nd step is to determine if it’s going to be worthwhile; if it’s cost effective.

The systems we have developed to successfully manage your project not only take into account the technical issues of today’s construction, but also address the age old issues of value, reliability, craftsmanship…

Vancouver City Hall

We Ask the Questions to Your Advantage

As experienced custom home builders, we take the guesswork out of those important initial questions, bringing proven expertise to help you consider…

  • Is your project possible from a structural and construction point of view?
  • Is it practical from a financial and functional standpoint?
  • Will the city allow it?

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If a closer look at any of these questions determines otherwise, we take a positive approach. As both a custom home builder and a trusted Vancouver contractor known for carrying out superb home renovations, our staff has the knowledge and background to help refine your ideas and take them from paper to property.


Feasibility – We Guarantee You Will Be Ready

Feasibility first eliminates unwelcome surprises down the road, focusing on a sound, realistic plan to make your dream design materialize.

The feasibility of your dream home depends on a number of things, but of course the first concrete thing you really need to know is if the project can be done. Whether contemplating renovations or designing a brand new home, making your vision a reality relies on a few practical points.

Consultation is crucial. By the end of this essential feasibility step, you will have enough information to make truly informed decisions about moving forward on the project.

Timing is Everything

We provide you with clear estimates on time frames needed to bring the project to completion; for both the overall project and the step-by-step timing. Knowing not only what to expect, but when to expect it, is paramount in helping you successfully anticipate and plan accordingly. We keep the entire project on track and moving forward.

In some cases, the project feasibility can be easily determined at the first meeting at no cost. In more complicated situations a modest retainer may be required to facilitate the needed research.

Expect the Best Right from the Start

“The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action”


Some Testimonials from Our Past Clients

We totally renovated our 100 year old Kitsilano Craftsman home. We had to fire the first contractor as he was charging by the hour and...

D.S., Kitsilano

Houzz Review

Kerr Construction has been consistent in quality work and good service. They kept us up to date, showed up on time, provided good time estimates,...

TL, Vancouver

Homestars review

Kerr Construction has given us our dream kitchen and more. Our renovation included the removal of a wall between the kitchen and dining room, the...

Jenney L., Vancouver

Kerr did worked on several projects in on house. They replaced all the interior doors in our house, put in new hardware frames, crown moldings...

Ron, Vancouver

HomeStars Review

This letter will confirm that Kerr Construction has done many jobs for the Justice Institute and we have found his work to be of first...

P.W., Vancouver

I appreciate the fine workmanship that Kerr provided on my home.

C. B., Vancouver

Kerr Construction designed and built our bathroom, which we love. Fabulous and economical design choices, excellent quality work and the final result is fabulous. Well...

Chrystal, Vancouver

HomeStars Review

Kerr was very reliable and on time. They kept the worksite clean at the end of each day. Kerr was very knowledgeable, courteous, thoughtful and...

K.G., Vancouver

GuildQuality Review

I loved the design. I found Nisha very easy to work with and she made recommendations that we liked and listened to my choices. Grant...

Vancouver, BC

GuildQuality Review

All the support posts for our carport were rotten and needed to be replaced. The estimator from Kerr came over and reviewed the project. We...

Neil, Vancouver

HomeStars Review


Our Projects Run Smoothly,
On Budget and On Schedule

We know that keeping projects on budget and on
schedule makes a successful home renovation or
new building construction



Detailed Planning,
Skilled Workmanship

At Kerr we think through all the little details
and how things will function, like which way doors
will swing on the cabinets or the fridge



The Homeowner is
Part of the Process

This puts the homeowner in control
and is the best way to make sure they
are getting the most value out of their project

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