Home Renovation – Lack of Planning and Design Will Cost You Big Time

Everyone wants their home renovations to be on time and under budget, right? Of course! Believe it or not, so do construction companies. At least the good ones do.

There are so many horror stories about home renovations going wrong that they’ve even spawned their own “reality” TV shows. Most of us know some homeowners who overpaid, didn’t get what they wanted, or seemed to find themselves trapped in a never-ending renovation.

People often blame trades people for mishaps, mistakes, blown budgets and ruined timelines. But the most common causes of renovation nightmares are lack of planning and design, long before the first hammer is swung.

Take heart, though! Avoiding these major problems involves some simple steps. As a rule of thumb, if you’re ready to spend money on a renovation, you should also be willing to spend money on proper planning and design.


Details, Details, Details… Are Important!

Some people are under the impression that they will save money by skipping the bit about drafting a detailed home renovation design plan. “We’ve talked to the contractors. They know what we mean.” The fact is that’s just not true. Often the reason renovations go over-budget is because of overlooked details, like determining some specific fixtures, finishes and facets to be used. Would you build a car without a precise plan and list of materials? Never let a contractor say about design choices, “Leave that to us, we’ll take care of it.” Many construction guys are terrible at visualizing a job. That’s where design professionals are worth their weight in gold. To keep your home renovation on budget, sit with trusted and accredited professionals who have a dedicated design team and project manager. They should draw everything up, right down to door handle choices, and make it binding.

Design is Where Your Reno Will Succeed or Fail

We’re talking more than just how your home will look. Design includes measuring, drawings, investigating the specifics of your home, zoning regulations, permits and applications, scheduling, construction techniques, materials that will/won’t work, and more.

A designer is your voice with the construction contractor. That designer can take your concepts and ideas, solidify them, and communicate about how to make them happen.


A Matter of Time

Of course, unexpected things happen and any renovation project can take a little longer than anticipated. But the less scrupulous operators out there will avoid being tied down and think they can jerk your time around without consequences. So, have a detailed home renovation design plan with a defined timeline. When you check out your contractor, ask other clients about the ability to follow a schedule.

But That’s Not What I Want!

The worst thing that can happen is that the finished product is not what you wanted. The only reasons for this are breakdowns in planning, design, communication and budgeting. Avoid this nightmare at the very start. Take the time in the planning stages of your reno project to draw up all of these details and have the terms agreed upon with the contractor. If you choose the right one, he will be sure to bring all this up with you.

Protect your investment from the start. Plan meticulously, have everything written down, leave nothing to chance, and you will save considerable time, money and stress with your home renovation job.

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